Séminaire interdisciplinaire d’études méditerranéennes « Mobilités et espaces de détention en Méditerranée »

La 7ème séance du séminaire interdisciplinaire de la Chaire d’études méditerranéennes du LabexMed, intitulée « Mobilités et espaces de détention en Méditerranée » aura lieu le 12 mai, de 13h30 à 16h30, à la MMSH, en salle PAF.

Elle accueillera :

Antonio Morone, historien, Université de Pavie

« Detention, containment policies and Sub-Saharan migrants in Libya ».

Martina Tazzioli, politiste, Swansea University

“Containment beyond detention. The Hotspot system and disrupted migration movements across Europe”.

Martina Tazzioli is a Lecturer in Political Geography at Swansea University. She is the author of Spaces of Governmentality: Autonomous Migration and the Arab Uprisings (2015), co-author with Glenda Garelli of Tunisia as a Revolutionized Space of Migration (2016), and co-editor of Foucault and the History of Our Present (2015) and Foucault and the Making of Subjects (2016). She is co-founder of the journal Materialifoucaultiani and member of the editorial board of Radical Philosophy Journal.

Antonio M. Morone is Assistant Professor in African History at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, at the University of Pavia University in Italy. He teaches Colonial and Post-Colonial History and his main research interests deal with the social history and cultural anthropology of contemporary Somalia and Libya.


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